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 Slight Adjustments to Keuring Scoring System

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WPMCowgirl (Founder)

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Slight Adjustments to Keuring Scoring System Empty
PostSubject: Slight Adjustments to Keuring Scoring System   Slight Adjustments to Keuring Scoring System Icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2012 8:50 pm

Some of you may have seen in my post about the results of GY181 keurings that I adjusted the keuring scoring slightly.
Basically, I just took out the decimals when calculating a horse's average top show scores. It really didn't do much to anyone's scores, if anything.

I also did some calculations on my own and decided to lower the score needed to receive a second premium from 50% to 45%. Hopefully that will work out better. The percents may be adjusted as our standards increase.

Anywho, keep showing your horses, and be sure to participate in the keurings! Smile
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Slight Adjustments to Keuring Scoring System
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