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 -Major- Adjustments to Keuring Scoring System for 6 and 10+ YOs

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WPMCowgirl (Founder)
WPMCowgirl (Founder)

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PostSubject: -Major- Adjustments to Keuring Scoring System for 6 and 10+ YOs   Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:56 pm

As I mentioned in this post I have just finished making some major adjustments to the 6 and 10+ YO keuring scorecards.

What changed:
1. How points were distributed. I felt they were unfair at this point in our registry, so I made some pretty big changes.

2. Horses with an ACh or higher will no longer be judged on average show scores, but instead just receive a high amount of points as this is a big accomplishment for the DHH as of right now. - this will probably change as horses improve

3. My original plan was to modify the current standards as our horses improved and then adjust the scorecard as needed. I decided to change this. Now, the standards will stay the same, and the scorecard will stay the same, but the % minimums needed to receive premiums will change as needed.

4. Now, to get a second premium a horse must score a 35%, and for a first premium 50%.

How will this affect previous 6YO entrants?

I don't believe any 6YO entered in the past to this date would have been accepted even with these changes. Yes, their scores would have been different, but not enough as average show scores of 70+ are a must to receive a good score.
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-Major- Adjustments to Keuring Scoring System for 6 and 10+ YOs
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