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 How Are Horses Judged Or Accepted?

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How Are Horses Judged Or Accepted? Empty
PostSubject: How Are Horses Judged Or Accepted?   How Are Horses Judged Or Accepted? Icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2012 9:53 pm

At the yearly keurings:

The first thing horses are judged on is how they did in well they did in their Fine Harness and In-Hand classes in their current bracket.

Then we look at their fitness and relate it to the standard.

If the horse does well in the show and meets the minimum fitness requirements, then they will be given either a "first" or "second premium" or they will be given "futurity points" if underage.

"First Premiums" are for the best horses: those who placed well consistently, and those with the highest fitness.

"Second Premiums" are for those who did okay in their classes, and meet the minimum fitness requirements.

Any horse who receives one of these will be accepted into the registry.

If the horses are entered in their first keuring at the age of 3, they will never be accepted immediately into the registry, as they cannot have reached their peaks yet. Instead, they will be given a certain number of "futurity points," based on how well they did. These may help them in their later keurings.

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How Are Horses Judged Or Accepted?
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