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 Meadowbrook Farms Studs

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PostSubject: Meadowbrook Farms Studs   Meadowbrook Farms Studs Icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2012 4:39 pm

Maximum CoPilot - http://www.equine-ranch.com/horseinfo.php?horseid=463667

Whispers in the Shadow - http://www.equine-ranch.com/horseinfo.php?horseid=470230
(was euthanized due to EIA, so straws will be given sparingly)

Two New boys hit age, one is from color lines, one is from performance lines.

Willy (performance) - http://www.equine-ranch.com/horseinfo.php?horseid=474708

Flash (color) - http://www.equine-ranch.com/horseinfo.php?horseid=474709
(was euthanized due to EIA, way before this boy was able to see what his potential would be but straws are available)

**Newly offered Shades - was euthanized due to EIA, no straws collected

**Another New boy this year Copper Gloww

Any of my boys will be offered to anyone in this group for no charge, just email me.
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Meadowbrook Farms Studs
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