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 Keurings - How They Will Be Run

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WPMCowgirl (Founder)
WPMCowgirl (Founder)

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Keurings - How They Will Be Run Empty
PostSubject: Keurings - How They Will Be Run   Keurings - How They Will Be Run Icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2012 9:16 pm

I have worked out a system for the Keurings.

3 year old Keurings
This is just a futurity type keuring and NOT mandatory. This can just help give you a guestimate on how likely your horse is to receive a premium in the later keurings.

This is ONLY for 3 year olds, and will be started in one of ER's breed specific PM shows. One will be designated each game year.
After the show results come back horses will be evaluated based on their show scores in In-Hand and Fine Harness, and also based on their fitness levels.

Horses will be awarded "futurity points." These should be displayed in the horse's owner's comments box afterward.
A good score does not guarantee a horse to be accepted into the registry though.

6 and 10+ year old Keurings
The 6 year old Keuring is not mandatory, but horses who qualify can be accepted into the registry here. This will be for the early bloomers.
In order to be accepted though, the horse must be entered into the 10+ Keuring at some point. BUT! It may only enter this keuring (the 10+YO) once! Its scores must be shown in the owner's comments box, regardless of acceptance. CHEATING MAY CAUSE YOU TO BE BANNED FROM THE REGISTRY. Seriously? This is just for fun. Cheating is unnecessary.

The 6YO and 10+YO keurings will not be run in an ER based show. BUT! Horses will be judged based on their average fine harness and in hand show scores in their current bracket!
As well as fitness, traits, and coloring (only slightly). Horses will receive a scoring percent out of 100%.

The Keuring will be posted here in the forum, and a link to the entrants will be posted by the owners.

For a First Premium (the best horses) a horse must receive a score of at least 60% and it must be one of the top three scorers of the keuring.
All other horses who score above a 50% will receive a Second Premium.

These scores, and premiums, must be displayed in the owner's comment box.

I am not going to divulge the official scorecard though. Don't want to ruin the suspense of the keurings! Wink

I am still working out stud Keurings. The exact percentages for premiums may change if not an accurate depiction of the horses.
I will also be making template for the owner's comments box for DHHs. Just something each owner can fill out, and something universal all DHH breeders can easily recognize.

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Keurings - How They Will Be Run Empty
PostSubject: Re: Keurings - How They Will Be Run   Keurings - How They Will Be Run Icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2012 9:19 pm

Yay for the template! I stink at coding. lol!
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Keurings - How They Will Be Run
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