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 ERDHHR Naming Schedule

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PostSubject: ERDHHR Naming Schedule   ERDHHR Naming Schedule Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 5:52 pm

Foals are to be named by the game year they are born in, Their names must start with the designated letter for that year. Q, X, and Z will be skipped. This goes for colts and fillies. Any foals born before the game year 173 do not have a set letter.

Game Year Letter
173 A
174 B
175 C
176 D
177 E
178 F
180 H
181 I
182 J
184 L
186 N
187 O
188 P
189 R
190 S
191 T
192 U
194 W
195 Y
196 A
197 B
198 C
199 D
200 E
201 F

I will add to this list as needed.
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ERDHHR Naming Schedule
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