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PostSubject: Current Standards   Current Standards Icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2012 9:21 pm

In order to be approved into this registry, each horse must at least meet the minimum fitness requirements posted here. Because we are a new club, and our horses will be improving over time, this standard will change as our horses become better. Horses will be assessed during keurings.


The mare should be of better temperament than the stallion; a more "ridable" horse. But she should still have very correct conformation and movement, though she may not be quite as strong.

Minimum fitness requirements:

Strength: Fair
Intelligence: Fair
Stamina: -
Speed: -
Movement: Good
Surefoot: Fair
Agility: Good
Conformation: Average
Temperament: Average


The stallion should be of great strength and conformation, and of course he must have the DHH's signature trot. His temperament may be overlooked if his other qualities prove superior.

Minimum Fitness Requirements:

Strength: Average
Intelligence: Fair
Stamina: -
Speed: -
Movement: Good
Surefoot: Average
Agility: Good
Conformation: Good
Temperament: Fair

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Current Standards
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