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 Game Year 188

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WPMCowgirl (Founder)
WPMCowgirl (Founder)

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PostSubject: Game Year 188   Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:26 pm


Here is the event ran through E-R's breed specific show:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
And I have calculated the entrants' scores:

Mark Of Luck : 50 points.

Magic Candy : 52 points.

Mystar Light : 43 points.

Mijn Mooie Hertogin : 52 points.

Mahoganyy : 34 points.

Morning Legend : 36 points.

3 year olds are only judged by their 2 class scores, and their current fitness ratings. This is not so in older keurings.

Please note that these scores do not affect your horse's chance of being accepted into the registry. Futurity keurings are simply just futurities, and just for fun. They are also optional.

To the owners' of these horses, please put your horse's score in their owner's comments and mark that they did participate in their 3 year old keuring. Thanks!
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WPMCowgirl (Founder)
WPMCowgirl (Founder)

Posts : 362
Join date : 2012-07-05

PostSubject: Re: Game Year 188   Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:31 pm


And the results are in for our 6YOs!

Please read this announcements regarding 6 and 10+ YOs if you haven't already

Scores now range from 0-100%
To be accepted a horse must score at least 35% (currently).
Horses who score over 35% will receive a second premium.
Those elite horses who score 50% and are in the top three for the year, will receive the prestigious first premium.
The 35% and 50% will change later on as our horses advance.

Scores are calculated based on the individuals improvements in fitness over the current standard, heavily on their titles and average scores in fine harness and in hand (average of top 10), and traits, and slightly on showy white markings.

And finally.... the results.

Jewel Box : 21%
Judges comments: Very quiet mare, she is just a little green in the show ring yet.

Just Dreams: N/A
Judges comments: Her movement did not meet the minimum requirements.

Just Paint Me Flashy: 9%
Judges comments: A lovely, colorful stud, who really needs more experience in the show ring.

Just A Few White Hairs: 16%
Judges comments: A little too quiet for my likings, but he needs to prove himself in the show ring more.

Sorry, but these animals are not registerable at this time. Please enter her score into their information records.
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Game Year 188
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