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 Notes on 10+ Year Old Keurings

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WPMCowgirl (Founder)
WPMCowgirl (Founder)

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PostSubject: Notes on 10+ Year Old Keurings   Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:41 pm

I want to make sure everyone understands when to enter the 10+ keurings. You can enter your horse in this keuring only once, after 10+ years. So, when do you choose to enter?

This keuring is for horses who have peaked in the show ring. You should enter your horse in this keuring only after you feel they have peaked in the show ring, and they won't be getting any more titles. So basically, you should enter right before your horse retires. This is your horse's last chance to be accepted!

But then, I got myself thinking. If this keuring is meant for horses that have "peaked," why do we need a set age?

It seems irrelevant to me. So, I'm going to change the age requirement. This keuring will now be called the "Adult keuring" instead of 10+YO

You can now enter any age DHH into this event! JUST BE SURE THEY CAN DO NO BETTER IN THE SHOW RING!
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Notes on 10+ Year Old Keurings
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